Audition Technique


Take your monologue, dance moves, and vocals to the next level!

Break down your 16 bar cut with a musical director/vocal coach. Find the right key, the most powerful and flattering finish, while presenting yourself in a confident and professional manner.

Dance classes are for all levels. The goal is to polish your technique, feel confident, and move with assurance. Professional choreographers can show you tricks to nail those combinations.

What makes a monologue successful? Break down the levels of emotion and vocal variations to impress your audience. Learn what material is appropriate in any situation.

Stagedoor Manor Studio professionals are experienced; not just in performing, but in teaching as well! Work is done in 2-hour sessions so there is plenty of time for focus and one-on-one coaching. You’ll be working with several different teachers and guest artists each day!

There is a break for lunch at half day and, on Saturday, time for dinner out before joining the group to see a hit BROADWAY SHOW!


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845-434-4290 (Summer)

781-863-5335 (Winter)*

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845-434-4290 (Summer)

781-863-5335 (Winter)

Messages may be left on this number.

Friday, Nov 10

5:30pm Student Arrival
Meet and Greet with students & staff

Paperwork for students
Expectations and Schedule at The Studio
6:30 Special Guest – Actress & Alumni – Charlotte Maltby – Q & A 7:30 Pizza Party

About 8PM  Wrap up time


*Daily schedule is subject to change.

*Studio will be located in Shetler Studios

244 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019.

Saturday, Nov 11

8:45am Students Arrival

9:00am Faculty Welcome

9:10am Physical and Mental Warm Up with Adam
9:20am Audition 101 with

9:40am Initial Presentations with

Each student will go in front of the group and present their 16 bar cuts and monologues. This will be the 16 bar cuts and monologues they plan to work on over the studios.

10:30am Snack
11:00am Class 1: Dance  – Combination 1

This course will include a physical warmup and a combination from a Broadway musical or original piece created by the Choreographers.

1:30pm Lunch
2:30pm Class 2: 16 Bar Cuts/Audition Technique

This course will focus on the art of auditioning for a musical. Each student should come prepared with three 16 bar cuts.

5:00pm Special Guest- Sam Yabrow – Abrams Artist Agency – Q & A

8:00pm Spongebob Squarepants – the Musical  OPTIONAL

Sunday, Nov 12

8:45am Students Arrival

9:00am Special Guests-L’ogan J’ones – Actor, Spongebob Squarepants the Musical – Q & A
Adam Quinn – Creative Assistant – Dear Evan Hansen – Q & A

10:00am Class 1: Acting – Monologue Prep

This course will focus on the art of auditioning for a play/musical. Each student should come prepared with three one-minute monologues.

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Class 2: Musical Theatre 1-1 Workshop with Kim Grigsby & David

During this Musical Theatre Workshop, students will work 1-1 with Broadway Musical Director Kim Grigsby on their 16 bar audition material. Each student will receive roughly 20 minutes of private instruction in front of the other students. While not performing, students will be encouraged to remain focused and engaged. Students are encouraged to take notes during this incredibly special opportunity.

4:15pm Performance Presentation

Students will come up one by one and present the material they worked on during the Studio Weekend that was presented at the beginning of the workshop. They will each showcase their 16 bar cuts, monologues and dance combination(s) and receive light feedback from Faculty.

5:00pm Wrap Up
5:30pm Student Released