Hello everyone  ~ 

We hope that this email finds you all well.  June is just around the corner and the start of Session 1 is almost upon us.

Just a quick note for all our readers.  The May issue of The Backstage Connection will be our last issue until we return with the September issue.  The summer can become quite a busy time for all of us and our main focus will be on all the amazing campers we’re going to meet each session.  However, you can definitely see updates on the Stagedoor Manor Twitter account during the summer months.  Until then though…

 May newsletter is here!!  A whole bunch of fun stuff going on in this issue.  We have a wonderful piece on Why We Still Do Shakespeare, our Curtain Rising section introduces all our readers to the new Director of Dance at Stagedoor Manor, Maggie Savoie, Star Spotlight features the incredible Erich Bergen and our final set of pics of the costume shop progress.  Also, be sure to check out our full page ad for the 2019-2020 Stagedoor Manor Studios Workshops!! 

Don’t forget that or newsletter is an interactive PDF – to get the most out of the newsletter it is best viewed using your tablet, laptop or smartphone.  The newsletter is interactive in the sense that you, as the reader, will be able to simply click on certain pictures or images and be taking to specific links/sites to see even more information about all things theatre.  All links are clearly marked.  

We’re always thrilled to hear from our Stagedoor Family.  So if you have exciting news, updates about any Alumni, show info, feedback, etc., please send us an email at SDMBackstageConnection@gmail.com and perhaps we might include that in an upcoming issue. 

~ The Backstage Connection Newsletter Team