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Answering the pleas of campers and parents past and present, Stagedoor Manor Studios is creating a year-around opportunity for kids to engage in the educational excellence offered during the summer at Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Training Center.

At Stagedoor Manor Studios, whether you are an actor, dancer, playwright, or have a passion for the technical aspects of theatre, we’ve got something for everyone. Immersing yourself for a fun weekend, you can explore all areas of performance and enjoy what you are most passionate about. Dive into the theatrical world guided by seasoned professionals who will inspire and motivate you. Our first workshops will be held in the heart of New York City.


In the Audition Workshop you’ll spend time polishing dance, singing, and acting. Even those less confident in one area will discover how to stretch their skills. This workshop is the opportunity to expand your craft by working one-on-one with directors, musical directors, and industry choreographers.




Those who enjoy Playwriting will enjoy the challenges of 24 Hour Playfest. Collaborate in creating a script and bringing it to life, or enjoy a Master Class in Acting to complete the writer’s vision for an audience.




Behind the Scenes will take you behind the curtain. Explore jobs that support the production and create the magic. Stage Management, Directing, Design…we can’t do shows without them. Learn how acquiring these skills will open more opportunities for you.



These 3-day intensives are designed to allow young artists to develop and discover skills in a professional atmosphere. Being surrounded by others who support the love of performance, they can learn and explore with confidence.

The faculty at Stagedoor Manor Studios is a mix of Stagedoor Manor staff and Broadway industry professionals. Classes are taught in a round-robin format so that each day is varied and new with plenty of time for questions and answers.

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About Stagedoor Manor

Located in the Catskill Mountains of New York State, the once-hotel boasts 8 on campus theaters and a mature staff of 160 for our 280 students. Our teachers, directors, and musical directors are seasoned professionals currently working in their fields. Classes and casts are kept small to enhance the one-on-one experience. Believing that a motivated and inspired staff will pass on this passion to their students, Stagedoor travels every year to seek out the very best. We intend to bring these professional talents to Stagedoor Manor Studios.

In 2012 Stagedoor Manor was awarded the “Excellence In Theater Arts Education” award from the New York Theater Museum. As individuals, our teachers and directors have accumulated honors from around the world. We attribute our success to the excellence of our staff.

Stagedoor Manor alumni have become successful in every arena of entertainment. Former students like Ansel Elgort, Sebastian Stan, Skyler Astin, Jon Cryer, Natalie Portman, Zach Braff, and Mandy Moore are happy to share their attachment during interviews and media.

Mickey Rapkin, author of the Stagedoor Manor book “Theater Geek” writes,

“As Stagedoor has grown, so has its legacy. Stagedoor has gone from summertime pursuit to an investment in your child’s future.”

Film director Shawn Levy says of Stagedoor’s reputation in the industry,

“If someone plays that Stagedoor card…that’s the equivalent of the secret handshake…my summers there were as formative, happy and enduringly influential as any I ever had. Stagedoor is HOME for a theater kid.”

Actress Bryce Howard:

“It was at Stagedoor Manor that I discovered the discipline, joy, and preciousness of the work I participate in today.”


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